Love & Passion – Blog Carousel Post – Buffalo NY Newborn Child Family Photographer

Yay! It’s time for another photographer blog carousel. I’m so glad too!

This month the theme is Love & Passion. So many ways this can be interpreted through images and I had so many ideas of things I wanted to photograph to show it too. Then I started to get sentimental about my baby turning 1 in just 3 short weeks. My last baby. I don’t want anymore babies but oh the ache in my heart that a year has FLOWN by.

So this is me. Raw. It is just seconds after Mycah was born and the image was taken by my husband. It is my first time holding Mycah in my arms after 9 months of feeling him inside my belly. I remember the moment. I was shushing him just a bit, kissing his head, smelling him even, trying to take it all in. It was wonderful, absolutely perfect – just as he is and has been this past year in our lives.

When you are all done head on over to my amazing friend Marianne Drenthe, Chicago Family Photographer by Marmalade Photography

And just so that we can be fair – an image that I took too. Do you see what I see??

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  2. Simone Hanckel says:

    Oh, the love heart! Divine :) I love the shot of you and Mycah as well, that will mean the world to both of you for always. xo

  3. Anna Mayer says:

    Oh, what a wonderful moment! And LOVE the little heart twins. Perfect.

  4. Corey Sewell says:

    So beautiful, Samara! Nothing compares to those first moments with your new baby and I know you will treasure that first image always!

  5. lauri says:

    Samara, that is such a special photo. And the twin heart…so ADORABLE.

  6. dawn sela says:

    How PRICELESS are these! Love them!

  7. marmalade says:

    BEAUTIFUL moment of mom love! LOVE these two images.

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