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Wow it has been way too long since I have participated in one of these awesome blog carousels! This month the theme is “alternative cameras” – which for me means the use of my iphone 4 as my camera. I use it for documenting everyday life in my family – it is always in my pocket and readily available – which with 5 small kiddos and the constant running around is a necessity. In fact up until this past Christmas, I didn’t even own a point and shoot camera (I did finally purchase a Canon S95 and love it!).

If I just counted correctly I have 21, yes 21, camera apps on my iphone 4. I have linked each of the apps I mention below to the app store for easy finding, just click on the app name!

This first one with the sunset – is from using the app Snapseed and then the image below is is from opening the same picture into a fun app called Percolator.

Like I said I love capturing just everyday moments with my iphone. The morning light in my bedroom with the baby, an afternoon playing outside on bikes (in January. . . .in Buffalo I may add!), and a quiet moment with two of my boys laughing on the couch together. The apps used here are Snapseed and Hipstamatic.

I love taking photos of me with my kids with the iphone too and they (usually) think it is a blast. Of course – the furry members of our family are never excluded in the picture taking process either. . .Ben the Boston and the new addition, Ellie the Goldendoodle. Ben LOVES to pull his bed to wherever the sunlight is, I really love that photo because it is so him. We just picked up Ellie on Friday so this was her first photo at home – then me and the little man hanging out and my daughter and myself at her first concert. Apps used – Shake It Photo, Camera+ and Snapseed.

Please now take a ride on over to my friend Julie Tauro, Kitchener Waterloo child and family photographer‘s website and see how she interpreted this great theme!

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  2. Corey says:

    Love these, Samara! The shot on the bike is my favorite – so fun!

  3. alpana says:

    These are so fun!! I LOVE that bike pic!

  4. Anna-Karin says:

    There are so many fun apps and you have posted some of the very same that I use with my iPhone as well. Loved seeing your family captured in your daily documentation of life. You have a beautiful family!

  5. aw, i love these! the bike shot is my favorite, especially with the tongue sticking out. i love how our phones provide such a great daily record of lives. who would have thought that would be the case 10 years ago!?

  6. marmalade says:

    BEAUTIFUL. I simply love all these. Especially those puppy shots, oh my gosh it’s making me want another.

  7. Dena Robles says:

    These are all such fun! (And I am still in love with your new puppy…)

  8. June says:

    Great captures and fun use of the iPhone apps. Will be adding a few more to my collection for sure!

  9. Julie says:

    So wonderful! And you are using two of my favourite apps (snapseed and shakeit – they are the ones I use MOST on my iphone!). I love the everday art capture. You kids and you dogs…all adorable!

  10. Mary Beth says:

    Samara – these are so FUN! The one on the bike is adorable. It almost looks like it could have been taken 30 years ago (well, except for the helmet lol). I love that timeless look of a snapshot, a frozen moment in time. Thanks for posting!

  11. Danna says:

    love these!! I love the vintage look of some of these, at first glance they look like they were taken with an old camera on film many years ago :)

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