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July 19th, 2010

Another little man that I met when he was just a few days old. I can’t believe how fast the past 6 or so months have gone. I just LOVE this age – full of personality, reaching new milestones. You can see just how amazing they are growing up to be and this A-dorable little […]


Another little man that I met when he was just a few days old. I can’t believe how fast the past 6 or so months have gone. I just LOVE this age – full of personality, reaching new milestones. You can see just how amazing they are growing up to be and this A-dorable little man is no different. I can not get over his amazing blue eyes and the dimples. Oh my – love!





I first “met” this little one when she was in Mommy’s belly – and now check her out! Holy Moly – she gets more beautiful everytime I see her. New things I learned tonight about her – she loves her fairy wings, her wand and well – she is a typical 2 year old girl that just chatters away. Love her to PIECES and then some!






Having great images is not all about the camera. No really – it isn’t. Truth be told – my iPhone is my biggest asset in my handbag. It captures my kids 90% of the time when I am too tired to get out my photo equipment. That being said – should you not invest in custom photography, abosolutely not. But with a little creativity (and some cool apps for the iPhone the one I used is called “Shake it Photo”) you too can have a lot of fun with your kids and your point and shoot camera at home. When you want the special, hang on your walls, pro pictures – definately give me a ring! Here is a bit of fun I had with my little guy Jude yesterday outside. For those outside of the Buffalo area – it was over 60 degrees and GORGEOUS. So we walked to the corner store for some new chalk and bubbles!
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Lets just call this weekend “newborn-pallooza” and this guy is #2. . .oh how cute he is! Check out the cheeks on him and that perfect little nose. Oh my, I have the best job getting to hang out with these sweet little ones. I’ll take a “newborn-pallooza” any weekend! Thank you so much Mom and Dad for having me over today, Grandma too! Your little man is just pure sweetness!


Love love love that I was able to get this family in this weekend because Mom is due like now! The new addition to this family is going to have so much love poured on it, its so awesome. I mean really – check out the a-dorable older siblings it will have and the equally gorgeous Mom. I just had to show off some of Mom with each of her other loves before the baby arrives. You are super cool too Dad – but you’ll have to wait to see those images. Thanks again guys and I can’t wait to meet your new little one soon!!


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I can’t believe it is 2010 already – this little guy was my first session of the year and it is off to a great start. He is so cute, tons of fuzzy hair, perfect little lips I could go on and on (as I am sure Mom & Dad could as well). I was lucky enough to spend my morning with him and his Mom and I hope to see you all again sometime in 2010. Enjoy your preview and I’ll be in touch soon with your gallery! web36web13web35


Well – its the time of the year when I get to thank each and every one of my friends, clients and family for an amazing year. I have been so blessed this year both with SH Portraits and my family’s personal life. We have four amazing children (you’ll see them last in the slideshow) who are doing great in school and keep us laughing, guessing and just wondering every single day. I am sure you can all relate as well! With SH Portraits I was blessed to see familiar faces grow up, be a part of new families lives and even had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC to photograph and meet the President. I have had the chance this year to share my love of photography doing a PPA (Professional Photographers of America) presentation on newborn photography and I have had the honor of winning a few small awards. It has been an AMAZING year and I have each and every one of you to thank for it. That being said – please take a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or hot cocoa) and possibly a tissue or two and watch my year end video. You may even see your family’s face and remember your special moment with me this year. So thank you again for being a part of my life and allowing me to share in yours. ~ Samara