About Me

When was the last time you were truly thrilled with a portrait of your child? The very casual, relaxed and most importantly fun style of photography with SH Portraits is one that your family will embrace. Each and every one of your portraits should evoke emotion within you. When you look at a portrait of your child I want you to remember the sound of their laugh, or why they are making the silly smile (or even the pout!) You should always be reminded of the wrinkled, flaky skin that your newborn needs to grow into. As a mother myself, I understand the desire to capture these precious and fleeting memories.

All photography with SH Portraits is done on location, either at your home, outdoors or other venue of your choice. On-location photography is relaxed and more inviting atmosphere for small children, allowing them to be who they truly are. I will never tell your child to “say cheese!”. Instead you will find me getting down on their level and being their friend, acting just as silly as they can (and will!). Newborn sessions will allow you to relax and feed, calm and change the baby at ease without feeling rushed. I know you want to capture them sleepy and curled up, looking fresh. For more detailed session information please visit the FAQ page! My work has been featured at Tot Trends Weekly.

I love to give back to the Buffalo community which is why I have been involved with many charity organizations including HELP Portrait, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, ACPCG and Pictures of Love.

On a more personal level, I am a Mom to five wonderful children and wife to one pretty cool guy. I LOVE hockey - Go Sabres - and I'm a *gasp* hockey Mom. If I'm not home, I am generally at a hockey rink. I also love music, and play violin and piano. Theater makes my heart burst at the seams and I am a proud supporter and season ticket holder with Shea's Performing Arts Center. I love coffee, like really, REALLY love - and I am a self proclaimed Starbucks addict. I love fetucinni alfredo and make a mean homemade sauce, in fact it's my daughters request each year for her birthday. I love my girlfriends, and reading. I. Love. Life. I hope you do too.

A HUGE thank you goes out to the amazing Bed Rudnick & Friends for allowing me to use their songs Coming of Spring as well as Sons & Daughters for the background music on my website. Check them out at www.benrudnick.com. Be sure to get your kiddos in the room and turn up the speakers, they'll want to dance it up. Then go get your handbag because you will want to buy their cds!

P.S. Those are my five wonderful & amazing children in the image!